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Impact of hidden rules on the organization

What’s the impact of (hidden) rules installed in your organization?

Last week, I facilitated a 2-day business growth workshop in Slovenia.
One of the elements of the workshop is to look at the (hidden) rules present in the organization and make them visible to see what the impact is (supporting or blocking) on the organization.

Hidden rules can be:
– we avoid conflicts so if somebody is not performing, we give his/her tasks to somebody else instead of talking with the non-performing employee
– if a customer says “no” to our offer, we reduce the price of our products or services to sell them anyway (at all cost)
– if there’s a conflict, I’ll go see the CEO rather than talk to my manager

Once those hidden rules become clear, we can investigate the reason why these rules are present, what happens if those rules are breached, and what the costs & benefits are for the company.

Many of those hidden rules are blocking the growth of the business. They protected the organization at some point but in complex and uncertain times, new rules and patterns are needed. Rules which are supportive of the growth of the business. But if you are not aware of those rules, you can’t change them.

This method is part of a 2-day Business Growth Workshop in which we unlock the hidden potential of your business. The outcome is a clear view of what’s blocking the company’s business growth. Based on those insights, we develop and test different scenarios to facilitate the growth of the organization and create a strategic roadmap.

If you want more information on this workshop, to unleash the potential of your organization, just drop me a message and we can discuss how I can support the growth of your business.

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