What are Design Sprints

The original Design Sprint process is a 5-stage process designed with early-stage startups in mind. It has changed little over the years and is still the model used by most professional facilitators. It wasn’t designed to address the complex challenges of more established enterprises.

Books on Design Sprints

Why Design Sprints

Design Sprints are a proven way to validate your product idea with customers in weeks, not months. Avoid big investments in untested ideas. Use Design Sprints to learn what customers think about your new or improved product before investing months and millions into something your customers may not want, understand, or purchase.

Map + Sketch. We help you dig deep into your challenges, then invite experts to poke holes in your team’s thinking to ensure we are focusing on the right challenges. We use a proven four-part sketch process to ensure ideas have the time and focus they need to mature into solutions while avoiding groupthink.

Decide + Storyboard. We walk you through a structured process for selecting the top idea(s) for prototyping and testing. We help you illustrate key steps of your solution in the form of a storyboard, which guides us through prototyping in the next step.

Prototype. We create a storyboard that shows scene-by-scene how your target audience will experience your solution, then make one or more of those scenes tangible by building prototypes that give form and function to your solution.

Test. We place our prototypes in the hands of your target audience to gauge their reactions and gather insights into how the idea can be improved in the next iteration.





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