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Navigating through unpredictable business challenges

“How to grow your business in a dynamic, complex, and uncertain world”

  • Do you feel that your hard work doesn’t lead to the results you would expect? 

  • Do you feel there’s something blocking the growth of your business? 

  • Do you need to reinvent your business to stay relevant but you have no idea how? 

  • Do you want to learn to navigate in a complex, uncertain and ever-changing world? 

More than ever, we live in a dynamic, complex, and uncertain world. What worked yesterday might not work anymore tomorrow. We need to lead our business into new directions. Directions which are not clear yet. 

We need to learn to navigate in not-knowing, taking decisions without knowing the whole context. If we wait till we have all the information, we’ll be too late and loose our market position. 

Therefore we need to understand our business system, understand what’s going on beyond the visible part and understand how everything is connected and affects each other. 

During this 3-Day Free Masterclass (3 90min sessions), you’ll take a deep dive in your business system to discover what hidden opportunities can be made visible to become a sustainable, future-proof business. 

Who should attend? 

CEOs, business leaders, innovation managers, business coaches, consultants, and people who want to stay relevant in an ever-changing world,…


  • Session 1: October 3rd 2022 (8PM CET) (90min) 
  • Session 2: October 4rd 2022 (8PM CET) (90min)
  • Session 3: October 5rd 2022 (8PM CET) (90min)


Each session will take place via Zoom. You’ll work with your own case to achieve maximum impact. 

What can you expect? 

  •  3 Interactive Online Sessions of 90min
  •  A workbook to guide you during the masterclass

Reserve your seat for this FREE 3 Day Masterclass Navigating through unpredictable business challenges

What can you expect? 

Session 1: October 3rd 2022 

Exploring your business system

During this session, we’ll explore your business system. What’s the purpose of your business? What’s the scope of business? What are the forces that causes the need for change? What are the challenges of your business in these dynamic, complex and uncertain times? 


The result? More clarity and insights in your company system

Session 2: October 3rd 2022 

Envision actionable futures

In this session, we’ll create possible actionable futures for your business, products and services. Based on the input of what’s holding your company back, your business challenges,… we’ll use a toolkit to discover and ideate futures. This will support you to build a vision for your business or for one or more business areas. This will bring transparency and alignment. 

The result? Transparency of potential to choose your direction

Session 3: October 3rd 2022 

Create a Navigation Roadmap 

In this last session, we’ll create a strategy roadmap. Based on the possible futures we defined in the previous session, we’ll create a strategy roadmap and define our next actions.   

The result? A clear view on your next steps

Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets.

If you want different results, then you should redesign your system.

Your Facilitator:

Wouter Gheysen (Out of Our Minds)

Wouter Gheysen is an experienced workshop facilitator, Certified Reinvention Practitioner, and systemic coach with more than 20 years of business experience. He worked in different environments as a management consultant, Agile coach, Scrum Master, and coach. 

He’s the founder of Out of Our Minds and Systemic Shifts and supports business leaders and companies navigating complex and uncertain times. 

He created his own way of working based in agile principles, reinvention mindset, design thinking, systemic work and much more. 

Out of Our Minds is a Business Reinvention agency, driven by a holistic systemic view and a focus on sustainable growth to stay relevant in a complex and uncertain world.

Reserve your seat for this FREE 3 Day Masterclass Navigating through unpredictable business challenges