What's your post-covid-19 strategy?

How to design a winning post-covid strategy in only 4 days!

One year ago the world stood suddenly still due to the Corona-virus. Organizations and companies had to adapt their strategy in only a few days. Some companies could make a very fast switch and grow their business while others were struggling to make the transition to the new context. 

Now, with the vaccines which have been developed and currently rolled out, it’s time to look forward and review your post-covid strategy. 

Get an answer on following questions: 

 1. Why does your company or business currently exists and is there still a need in a post-covid era?

 2. What opportunities will emerge (or can you create) when the world goes back to normal after a year of lockdown? How can you create a better offer than your competition? 

 3. How do your products and services fit into a larger, cohesive product ecosystem and how do you bring them to market?

4. How do you want the people in your business to work?

What is strategy sprint?

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