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Out of Our Minds is a Business Reinvention agency, driven by a holistic systemic view and a focus on business growth

Stay relevant as business leaders or management team in a complex adaptive business world. 

We work with business leaders and management teams who want to thrive in an ever-changing world
Reinvention is at the core of what we do. What worked yesterday, might not work anymore today. 
We use a holostic & systemic lens to look at your business as a whole, not as silos working together. 

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A new approach to business reinvention

A systematic approach to thriving in chaos that includes ongoing anticipation, design, and implementation of change via continuous sense-making, anticipatory and emergent learning, and synthesis of cross-boundary, cross-disciplinary, and cross-functional knowledge.

What we do

We support business leaders and management teams to stay relevant in a complex and uncertain world by facilitating business reinvention workshops. 

How can we help you

Exploration Sessions 

Do you want to explore what’s really happening in your organisation? During these exploration sessions, we’ll explore what’s blocking your business to run at full potential. 

Deep dive workshops 

During the Deep Dive Sessions, we focus on what’s really happening in your business and we’ll solve what’s blocking you from growing your business and become a future-fit organisation.

Get in touch with our team and learn how we can help you achieve your strategic objectives