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We are Out of Our Minds, supporting companies to find solutions for complex adaptive business problems. 

Out of Our Minds is an Innovation, Strategy and Business Design Consultancy agency. Our design-led approach supports your organization to find solutions from complex business issues within days.  We work in co-creation with business leaders to reach the best results. 



Discover how you can reinvent your life to unlock your full potention



Discover how you can reinvent your team to unlock the full potential of all team members and how they can reinforce their strengths. 



Discover how you can reinvent your organization to unflock full potential and build a future proof business. 

Meet Wouter Gheysen

Wouter is a Business Designer, Agile Coach, Systemic Facilitator, and Design Thinker. 

He calls himself a creative consultant and support business and organizations to thrive and to reinvent themselves. 

What we do









The company Out of our Minds has been named after one of the books by Ken Robinson, a British author and international advisor on education. 

Out of our Minds stands for

  • “working in co-creation” as we combine OUR Minds to find great solutions
  • “Out of Our Minds” as we are getting OUT of OUR MINDS and include our intuition, body, our hands, data,… to find the best solutions for complex problems
  • we get it OUT of OUR MINDS and put it into practice

Our services


We support business leaders and founders to find solutions for organizational topics. 

  • Vision & Purpose building
  • Business Strategy Building
  • Shaping the organizational culture and language


We support teams to build self-organizing and high performing teams. 


We support business leaders and founders to design future-proof and sustainable organizations. 


We support business leaders and founders to reinvent their business and create a future proof organization. 

  • Find new ways to grow your business
  • Find new clients 
  • Find new products and services

What are wicked business problems

Wicked business problems are problems that are, “difficult or (almost) impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements that are often difficult to recognize.”  

In business, wicked problems are everywhere.

Leadership wicked problems:

  • Lack of succession/perpetuation plan
  • Strategy formation / Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Cultivating effective second in commends
  • Streamlining and improving core business processes
  • Achieving smart, focused growth


What We Do

We help business organizations, SME’s and companies to resolve critical and complex business challenges and validate new ideas and solutions in weeks, not months of years. We use Sprints, a proven method of structured workshops to align key-stakeholders and speed up decision-making to get things done fast. 

What makes us unique

  • We’ll create with you rock-solid, empowering change processes and the skills needed to keep the change alive.
  • Our Facilitators are experts in different fields and promote life-long learning.
  • If it’s online or offline, we deliver always the best experience. 
  • We offer a safe environment to experiment and make decisions that are aligned with the whole group to take the next actions. 

Let’s Connect!

Sprints we offer

Design Sprint 2.0 

A design sprint is a design thinking method used to solve complex problems throughout co-creation, rapid prototyping, and qualitative testing with targeted users.

Strategy Sprint

High-energy innovation and strategy sessions with leadership teams to envision and plan for the future of your company with an action plan. 

Business Design Sprint

Design your business to create a sustainable business. During this sprint you’ll design a business where all elements (customer, products, revenue model are aligned.

Growth Sprint

Boost the growth of your organization with a sprint. Develop concrete actions to acquire, motivate and retain customers. Reduce uncertainty with short-term experiments. 

Systemic Design Sprint

Systemic Design Sprint helps your business to co-create different solutions to tackle organizational and societal complexity and build a sustainable business. 

Actionable Future Sprint

A practice proven toolkit made to work for you in building and aligning a future for an organization, service or a product. Develop a future proof business. 


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Out of Our Minds is a Belgium-based innovation and strategy consultancy business supporting SMB’s and business leaders to become future-proof. 

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