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Out of Our Minds


Transform your business to thrive in a highly-dynamic, complex and uncertain world. 

Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets.

Is your business system built for the future?

33% of companies are expected to die in the next 5 years

It doesn’t have to be your company. Discover how you can transform your business into a future-ready company. 

Our 4-Day process supports business leaders to reinvent their business in order to able to face upcoming business challenges. 



The world’s most innovative companies reinvent their business every 3 – 5 years to stay relevant.

We created a structured step-by-step framework & workshop for rapidly solving big business challenges. It compresses potentially months of work into a few days. So you are not stuck with us for months.



A repeatable recipe that simply works and lead to results

Our 4-step process support with define and exploring your business challenges. Once your challenges are clear, we’ll explore the context to define, create and test different scenarios to find the most optimal solution for the challenges. To finish we create an actionable roadmap to build a future-ready company.

Let's talk about your complex challenges

At out of Our Minds, we love to discover and understand what’s blocking you or what your challenges are before offering advice or selling our services. We always create solutions based on your needs. 

What we do?


Workshops are our way to support you to solve your complex problems in a fast and efficient way. You are not stuck with us for months or years.

We design and facilitate inspiring and fun workshops to facilitate clarity and decision-making.


As experienced consultants, we support you to tackle the challenges your teams or company are facing. As consultants, we are ready when you need us to find solutions, create a roadmap and follow up the progress. 


You are an expert in your domain but often you need someone who broadens your vision. We use a stack of questions which can help you to look at your challenges from another angle to find new and sustainable solutions. 


We train your employees on the tools we use, our way of working and techniques at Out of Our Minds. We offer open training programs as well as company training.

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