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Unlock Your Leadership & Team Potential

Out of our Minds specializes in transforming leadership and team coaching to help you build conscious leaders and high-performing teams.



of companies are expected to die in the next 5 years


of companies are expected died during the past recessions. 

But 10% thrived. I Want your company to be in that10%.


of business leaders report that the greatest barriers to achieving their business growth lie inside their own four walls

It doesn’t have to be your company. Discover how you can transform your business into a future-ready company. 


Business Leaders

You’re a business leader who wants to transform in order  to thrive in a fast-changing, complex and uncertain world and transform 


You’re (part of) a team that wants to become a high-performing team with a focus on agility, innovation and supportive team dynamics. 


You’re (part of) an organization that wants to thrive and survive in complex times by focusing on innovation, scale and speed. 


Reinvent our organization

  • How can we create a new performing organization structure?
  • How can we grow our business?
  • How can we reinvent our strategy?
  • How can we develop a future-proof roadmap?
  • How can we improve our innovation strategy? 
  • How can we implement an Agile culture? 
  • How can we implement an growth mindset? 

Reinvent our team

  • How can we create powerful teams?
  • How can we bring our teams to the next level?
  • How can we organise our team structure?
  • How can we build agile teams?

Reinvent our business leaders

  • How can we install a future-ready leadership? 
  •  How to become a future-ready business leader?
  • How to improve your leadership style? 
  • How to deal with complexity and uncertainty? 



Workshops are our way to support you to solve your complex problems in a fast and efficient way. You are not stuck with us for months or years. We design and facilitate inspiring and fun workshops to facilitate clarity and decision-making.


As experienced consultants, we support you to tackle the challenges your teams or company are facing. As consultants, we are ready when you need us to find solutions, create a roadmap and follow up the progress. 


You are an expert in your domain but often you need someone who broadens your vision. We use a stack of questions which can help you to look at your challenges from another angle to find new and sustainable solutions. 


We train your employees on the tools we use, our way of working and techniques at Out of Our Minds. We offer open training programs as well as company training.


We focus on 1 thing only: 

How to stay relevant in a dynamic, complex and uncertain world! 

Sounds easy but business leaders and companies have to keep a lot of balls in the air. Running the daily business, while keeping track of upcoming trends and trying to predict the emerging future. 

We support you as a business leader with building a better business by working with the data and the collective intelligence.




A repeatable recipe that simply works and lead to results

Our 4-Day process supports business leaders to reinvent their business in order to able to face upcoming business challenges. 

Our 4-step process support with define and exploring your business challenges. Once your challenges are clear, we’ll explore the context to define, create and test different scenarios to find the most optimal solution for the challenges. To finish we create an actionable roadmap to build a future-ready company.


“Rather than spending months on conducting interviews, the workshop-based approach of Out of Our Minds provided clarity and helped us to take the next steps towards a more powerful organization immediately. The innovative way of working provides besides lots of new insights also fun and alignment between colleagues.” 

– Executive company in retail

“We hired Wouter to support our transformation towards an Agile organisation. Upfront we aligned on the process, but it was great to see the flexibility to change the planned approach in order to move faster. After 1 day of workshops, we had a draft of our way of working. As a scale-up, we like to fast and not lose time. Between the workshops, we could always ask questions to implement our new way of working.” 

– CEO of a belgian scale-up 

“We contacted Out of Our Minds for their innovative approach to unleashing the full potential in organisations. Founded in 1920 in Slovenia, we noticed our company was in decline, responsibilities were not taken and it was hard to cope with these fast-changing times. The workshops of Wouter unlock new ways of working, new insights and brought alignment and energy in the management team to create a roadmap to become the go-to company again.” 

– CEO Slovenian food production company

Let's talk about your complex challenges

At out of Our Minds, we love to discover and understand what’s blocking you or what your challenges are before offering advice or selling our services. We always create solutions based on your needs.