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Wouter Gheysen

Wouter is the CEO and founder of Out of Our Minds, a systemic business reinvention agency based in Belgium. As a business reinvention coach, he supports business leaders and management teams to build a future-ready organisation. Wouter has a background in engineering and economics and has worked as a consultant for a number of international consulting firms.

During his workshops, he uses methods and tools from design thinking, scenario thinking, business design, systemic work and the reinvention method to explore organisational challenges, make (complex) problems visible, and guide the team towards possible solutions. His way of working helps leaders make better decisions.

As a business coach, he provides support to business leaders and management teams to build and develop future-ready organisations, and teaches them to reinvent themselves and their business model as well as their products and services. And all with one goal in mind: to stay relevant in a world that is constantly changing. He takes a holistic view of the dynamics at play that might be blocking the growth of an organisation. Wouter focuses on the part of the iceberg that isn’t visible. If a business leader can’t even see the hidden dynamics, they won’t find any solutions.

Wouter also founded Systemic Shifts to promote the use of Systemic Constellations in organisations. Systemic Constellations is a method for visualising the (hidden) dynamics in organisations and supporting business leaders and management teams to make better decisions.

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