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Unlock the hidden potential of your team or organization

 TeamConnect is a survey which provides you insights and understanding in dynamics and behavior patterns that make your teams successful, but also that prevent the flow of team potential.

A unique online survey that makes invisible undercurrents in your team visible and workable.

 This is simple and only five steps.
  1. Simply answer some wonderfully (and cleverly) crafted questions
  2. We will spend a couple of hours explaining what the answers
  3. We’ll make some suggestions and give some examples
  4. Send you on your way to practice
  5. Be available to answer any questions
The process is simple: From survey results takes less than one week.


“The Teamconnect survey quickly revealed the undercurrent dynamics that were implemented in our organization. Based on the insights from the survey, we created an action plan to deal with those blocking  dynamics.” 

Founder business in real estate

“The assessment and especially the feedback session proved to be an amazing, fast and, effective kick-off intervention that released the energy in this team. ”

CEO Consulting Company

“This survey helped me to really understand what’s going on in my teams. The feedforward session gave some practical insights, which led to practical actions to improve the performance of my teams and the collaboration within the team.”

Scrum Master Energy Providor

Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out what TeamConnect can do for your organization.