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What are the hidden rules limiting your business growth? 

Kill your business

What are the hidden rules limiting your business growth? 

A workshop to explore what’s really happening in your business. 

“Kill your business”  Workshop

A “kill your business” workshop typically includes exercises and discussions that help entrepreneurs and business owners identify potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities in their business model, as well as strategies for addressing or mitigating those risks. Some of the key topics that might be covered in such a workshop include:

  • Identifying potential competitors and disruptive technologies that could threaten the business
  • Analyzing the business’s financials and identifying areas of weakness or inefficiency
  • Examining the business’s value proposition and determining whether it is truly unique or defensible
  • Identifying “single points of failure” in the business and developing contingency plans
  • Brainstorming ways to diversify revenue streams or expand into new markets
  • Addressing cultural and organizational issues that could impede the business’s growth or adaptation to change
  • Discussion on how to pivot your business model if something goes wrong.