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Systemic Constellation as business X-ray

When people ask me what I’m doing as a Systemic Business Coach, I’ll always explain I’m working as a radiologist, also known as medical imaging technologist for businesses and business leaders by taking an X-ray of their company or business. An X-ray produces images of the structures inside our bodies, which can’t be seen from the outside to help define the right diagnosis. Patients might have no idea what’s going… Lees verder »Systemic Constellation as business X-ray

Why hidden rules are blocking the growth of your company?

Why Hidden Rules Are Blocking The Growth Of Your Company  Rules are essential in any society. We agree to drive on the same side of the road. We queue when waiting for the bus. We offer our seats to the elderly on the bus. Breaking these rules leads to a fine or perhaps an argument. In organisations too, rules are explicitly defined. Some are there for the safety of the… Lees verder »Why hidden rules are blocking the growth of your company?