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Systemic Constellation as business X-ray

When people ask me what I’m doing as a Systemic Business Coach, I’ll always explain I’m working as a radiologist, also known as medical imaging technologist for businesses and business leaders by taking an X-ray of their company or business.

An X-ray produces images of the structures inside our bodies, which can’t be seen from the outside to help define the right diagnosis. Patients might have no idea what’s going on but they feel something is wrong.

Using systemic principles, I support organizations by creating an image of what’s going on in the undercurrent of the company. Also in a business, people can feel things are working like it should (customers who are leaving, revenue is dropping, products don’t sell like expected,…) but they have no idea what the cause might be. The symptom might have a different cause than you expect.

Just like with a hernia, you might feel pain in your leg. Treatment for your leg won’t work if the real cause can be found in your back.

Using Systemic Business Design principles, we reveal the real problem and work on possible scenarios to unleash the full potential of the organization. Just as with a real X-Ray, the systemic way of working reveals the root cause fast, so treatment can start and no need for long assessments or analysis.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to find out how I can support you with finding solutions for your business challenges.

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